Car Repair

239 Canal St. Brattleboro, VT 05301 Tel: +1 802 257 2233

Suspension Repair

Does your vehicle not handle like it used to? Does it shake? We can help!

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Wheel Alignment

Our state of the art Hunter Computerized alignment rack will get you going in the right direction.

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Brake Repair

Does your brake pedal shake? Do they not feel as good as they used to? Let us stop you right there...

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Customize It!

Does your ride look the same as every else's? Is it factory plain and boring? Do you want your car, truck, or SUV to stand out and be noticed? Then "Customize It!" at Kresge's! Kresge's offers an extensive inventory of custom cosmetic parts and performance accessories. Whether you're looking to trick out your ride or boost performance, Kresge's has everything you'll need! Our custom line of products include wheels, tires, intake and exhaust systems, exterior accessories, interior accessories, body styling, lighting, sport accessories and much, much more!

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239 Canal St.
Brattleboro VT, 05301
Telephone: +1 802 257 2233